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 There is a place
Where I have found
That calms all fears
And warmth abounds


"An 'instant classic'...a simple story about simple time often neglected"
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Sometimes I can fly. When I wake up...I don\'t
Toasty Town delivers...not T.V.
...oops, Pieces of clay are stuck all over them
This place is special and free for all...
I\'ll soon dream about clouds...maybe magical things
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“Toasty Town!” is a simple & fun kid-read limerick story about quiet time, creating, reading and bonding at the end of the day.

A child with an active imagination and a quirky hand-made teddy bear contemplate positive aspects of a time and place many youngsters, and sometimes parents, dread…bedtime.

Grownups are also invited to begin another childhood on the coattails of their young companions as they join in the process  rather than using electronic entertainment to do the job.

     "ATTENTION!  Early Childhood Is Fast Fleeting!"

Too bad kids don't come with that warning label.  It seems like today’s electronics are competing with kids for our attention.  Addiction to omnipresent devices can make kids seem like the ‘distraction’ rather than the devices..

"Toasty Town!" is about doing simple things and turning that around...with dads involved too!


                 R. Gary Branchaud lives in Oakland, CA.

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 “We’ve got to turn off the TV set…put away the video games and all the electronics, unless it’s school-related…get our kids more motivated”
                President Obama, Mountain View, California, September 26 2011.